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Steve's Pyventures: TheRoadLessTravelled

Steve's Pyventures: TheRoadLessTravelled

Building an Apartment Rent Pricing App II: Data Wrangling 101

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Steven Kolawole
·Jan 16, 2021·

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E2E ML Application Development Process Walkthrough.

Okay. Let's just get down to it!

If you're wondering why we're just getting down to it, maybe you should read the overview article first. This is the second article in the series (Building an apartment rent pricing app end-to-end) where we'd cleaned out the data collated via web scraping.

If you'd like to go through the first article which is about gathering our data via web scraping, check it out here.

Getting Started

In this article, we'd go through our data wrangling steps as we inspect, analyze, and clean our scraped dataset. Data Wrangling is believed to take up roughly half of a data scientist's work time hence we'd be spending a huge chunk of our time cleaning out our dataset and later on, extracting and selecting features.

In that regard, this tutorial would be broken down across several articles, so as to make for easy digestion and replication.


Check out the code on GitHub.

Data Inspection



I had to pause working on this project as I got so engrossed in work commitments, open-source development, and community works. In case I decide to take it up again, I’d write new articles. and you could always check the project’s GitHub page for new updates.

Thank you all for coming this far on this project. Feel free to say hi to me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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